shida 02 / yellow / pierce / earring


*こちらはshida 02 / yellowシングルタイプのページになります。


糸   :綿100%
色   :本体/yellow(小鮒草染め)
金具他 :ピアス、イヤリング/シルバー(SV925)
サイズ :全長約70mm(金具除く)



*This page is for shida 02 / yellow single type.

The motif of this yanagi-leaf is based on the leaves of Warabi that have grown up and opened.
Warabi, which grows in clusters at the production site, is one of the very familiar plants.
Using a crochet hook, it is knit in a single strand without cutting a single strand.
It can be used as a single type or as a symmetrical piece, or as an asymmetrical piece with other pieces of different sizes and colors.

Yarn :100% cotton
Color :yellow (Arthraxon hispidus dyed)
Hardware :Silver (SV925) earrings, pierced earrings
Size :About 70mm in length (excluding metal fittings)
*The white backing paper in the second image is the size of a postcard. 

<Handling of herb-dyed products
Since the product is dyed with natural dyes, the color may change gradually.
To prevent rapid color fading, we recommend that the product not be placed in direct sunlight or directly under a light, and that it be stored in a box or similar container in a dark place as much as possible after use.
When washing, do not use bleach, but dissolve a mild detergent in water or lukewarm water and wash by hand gently.
Please be careful not to rub the fabric strongly or leave it wet with other fabrics, as the color may be transferred.

*Because all work is done by hand, the finished product may differ from the image.
Also, colors may differ slightly depending on your device.
We appreciate your understanding.

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